Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All I Can Tell Ya Is, Brother, You'll Have to Wait

I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for me to fulfill last week's promise of a post about my school, but, sadly, all of my blogging energy is currently going into the construction of my Halloween costume. Well, not all of my blogging energy. Obviously I have enough left to write this. But that's it!

By the way, the new Serj Tankian album, Elect the Dead, came out today (actually, it's a little after1:00 as I write this, so yesterday). If you wish to be my friend, I strongly suggest buying it right away. If you want to be safe, you should probably buy the deluxe edition.

Warning: Political Allegory! May Offend Some Viewers!
Edit: I might not have been clear enough - if you're somone whose political views clash with my own (this includes many of you), this video will probably do nothing but anger you. Even if you do agree with it, you might find it fairly difficult to watch, anyway. It's pretty intense.

It seemed like everywhere I looked today, something was calling my name.
"Jaaaaaaaaake... Spend money on meeeeeeeeee... Who cares if you're a
broke college kid... You know I'm worth it..."
If you own a Wii, you better buy Zack & Wiki as soon as possible. Oddly, I didn't see it for sale anywhere, so I don't have it. I'm a loser. I'm really behind on Wii games, and with everything coming out in the next few months, this is only going to grow more problematic, but I'll get nerdy and video gamey another time.
Finally, Ted Leo + the Pharmacists played a show in Seattle tonight and I didn't see it. I just saw them a few months ago, but they're good enough that I still feel like a big, big loser for going to class rather than sneaking off to rock and roll.

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