Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Haiku

October nineteenth
I went grocery shopping
Christmas trees displayed


Anonymous said...

October nineteenth
Jake went grocery shopping
The world has gone MAD!

Jaime (who's moving to Pumpkin Mountain) said...

October 20:
We saw a two story pile of pumpkins.
Jessie and I both said, "Candy Mountain, Charlie!"
Then I died.

Jake said...

Wow. That went completely over my head, but, as usual, Yahoo! was able to assist me with the reference, so I got to revel in the bounties of the Internet. Pretty obnoxious, but it coaxed a few chuckles out of me.

Jake said...

Sorry, Mom. I've tapped my wrist, I counted jaw drops, but no matter what method I use, I'm only getting six syllables in your last line.

Jake said...

Me = dumb