Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Mistake

I guess I've joined some sort of blogging challenge.

Do I have what it takes to blog every day for four months? We'll see.


C. Semp said...

It did indeed include the 31st, and you have been added! Also, I'm going to be putting up a thing/leaving messages for the other participants a little later tonight, but I think what the final length of the challenge is going to be a compromise between the earlier two. So it's going to be going until the end of June.

C. Semp said...

So as a compromise between the originally proposed end date of the challenge (July), and the tentative, earlier end date (May), and because of Daniel’s comment, the conclusion of the challenge has been set at the end of June (June).

Also, since no one suggested anything else, the name of the challenge has officially become the “Everyone Wins a Hamburger at the End” Blog Challenge.

Let the games begin!