Friday, February 1, 2008

It Begins

In the immortal words of my programming teacher, "Alright, well, let's get it on, get it over with." It's time for some obligatory blog-posting. In case you missed it, I've signed up to be a part of the “Everyone Wins a Hamburger at the End” Blog Challenge. Do I feel like a cheater for blogging the same thing two days in a row? Yes. Does this bother me? Not a chance.

I will promise this much - never again will I use this space to announce that I am a part of the "Everyone Wins a Hamburger at the End" Blog Challenge, or to remind you that I've already stated as much.

So far, JakeyPen has been a place for long, photo-riddled ramble-fests and quick music or video link - very little in-between. I'm hoping the need for daily updates will shake the formula a bit and give me a chance to write about some of the subjects I've meant to cover since starting this thing. I'll welcome the encouragement to vent, to share my thoughts and experiences regularly. I created this blog as a means of keeping in touch with the friends and family I left behind, to take the sting off of the sacrifice I made for the sake of my education career. I love and miss you all, and I hope this blogging challenge helps to bring us closer.

Mostly, though, I want that hamburger.

(Fun Fact: A quick survey of the other challengers' blogs shows that most wriggled through the first day with a cheap "I joined a blogging challenge" post, but I'm the only one who made a lame hamburger "joke.")


Anonymous said...

I hope it's a veggie burger!

Jake said...

Oh, right... the whole vegan thing, huh?