Saturday, February 2, 2008

Whining About School? On a Blog?

I was planning to write a something pretty lengthy today, but, once again, school put a swift end to that notion. Actually, my own stupidity is to blame. Last weekend I spent around 10-12 hours writing a basic game engine (a game engine is exactly what it sounds like - it makes a game run). My assignment this weekend was to expand it. I tried to open the project, only to discover that I somehow managed to delete the whole thing. In fact, it turns out that I sent my teacher the wrong files. I didn't turn the assignment in at all! After searching for two or three hours, I managed to find old, buggy copies of my files, so now I'm struggling to fix them.

Other homework for the weekend:
- Begin an essay for my Mythology class
- Write the story, dialogue, hint system, and more for a game I'm making (More on this later)
- Work on a Battleship-style game I started last week

Busy, busy, busy!

Update: Woo hoo! About five hours after sitting down to work, I've finished fixing my old files! I'm exactly where I was a week ago!

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Anonymous said...

Jake, You might just give me a heart attack one day. Now-get back to work!!!