Sunday, February 10, 2008

For Your Consideration

I think yesterday's topic should serve as a nice segue into this:

This interview caused quite a stir in the video game world a few weeks ago, but I'm curious about the conclusions an unbiased party would draw from it. Please watch the clip and leave your thoughts in the comments section (and don't forget to sign your name!). I'll return to this topic some time next week.

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C. Semp said...

Yeah, that upset me that they pretty much just ignored what the guy from Spike TV was saying. First they tried to make it specific, and then when he pointed out how they did absolutely no research on the matter (I loved how he served them their asses with that comment) they just seemed to ignore it and try to change their argument without giving him time to actually provide a counter argument.

Same with when that dumb woman was like, "Shouldn't it get an Adult rating?" Which shows she either 1) Completely ignored what the guy from Spike said about the actual content or 2) Is an idiot for not making the correlation between: M is the R equivalent, A is the XXX equivalent. You can totally have boob in an R movie with boob!