Friday, February 29, 2008

Withdrawing From Tyra Banks

Peter was channel surfing last night. He was going along - flip, flip, flip - "Whoa!" He stopped and I paused my Gameboy to look over at the TV. Everyone in the audience of was wearing only a bra. I went back to Tetris and Peter broke out of his daze and went back to surfing. By the time he got back to Tyra, she had led the women out of the studio and onto the streets to for an old-fashioned bra-burning.

I couldn't believe it! Tyra: supporting feminism? No way.

Well, no, of course not. The guest for the episode was a bra expert, and everyone in the audience had been given a free bra-fitting. They weren't fighting for respect; they were burning their old, ill-fitting bras.

Peter couldn't believe it either. "Oprah did exactly the same show!"