Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh, What Does it Mean for a Daydream Believer?

A cool image entered my mind earlier tonight.

The side of the freeway. A digital camera rests among the cigarette butts, its strap snapped, its lens shattered. Battered batteries rock back and forth as traffic speeds by. The SD memory card is cracked in two and a long ribbon of film flutters out of it, slowly twisting in the wind.

Ya know the story where Hercules has to clean the Augean stables? Why haven't cleaning product advertisers exploited it yet?

Weird and Wired
I was traversing my regular Internet circuit when I found an article on Game|Life that caught my attention.
These dudes were all in my English class last semester

Seeing people you know on the Internet is always strange (though not as strange as meeting people who know you from the Internet). So anyway, these kids won the Independent Games Festival's "Best Student Game" award at last week's Game Developer's Conference for their game, Synaesthete. You can click that link to go to the game's Website, where you can learn more or download the game for free. Here's a link to an article and a link to a video about this game, as well as a few other IGF winners. Joseph doesn't usually sound that hoarse.

Congratulations, kids!

That Crayon Physics game looks way cool, too.


Jake said...

This has a little more to do with why I went halfway around the world.

I'm picturing Sylvester Stallone as Hercules. Does anyone know how I can contact his agent?

Anonymous said...

the boys in you english claas sure have nice haircuts. do they ever tease you?