Thursday, February 7, 2008


DigiPen moment:
I sat down in one of the computer labs last night. The guy next to me (someone I barely know) turned sharply toward me, raised his arms, and shouted, "Epic fail! Epic fail!"

Then he walked away.

A term I just learned:

Sturgeon's Law: "90% of everything is crud."

I was quite proud of myself when I came to this same conclusion years ago, but according to Wikipedia, Sturgeon made the proclamation 16 years prior to my birth. Good for him.

A conversation I had today:

[loud noise]

Was that a yawning train?

Nels: Sounded like it.

Jake: It did sound like it!


C. Semp said...

I was originally going to apply to Digipen originally, but then what I wanted to major in, majorly shifted. (HA HA! You see what I did there?)

Jake said...

Yes, yes - very shifty.

Writing puns on my blog automatically entitles you to a virtual high five. You c, I semply adore wordplay.

C. Semp said...

Oh, you.