Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Games and Stories: An Introduction

If you've read the title of today's post, it's likely you're bored already, and that bit at the end about this being the first in a series means you're anticipating boredom yet to come. I started this blog as a way of keeping in touch with my friends and family, people generally not much interested in topics like video game analysis. That said, the purpose of this blog is to keep you informed on what's happening in my world. The relationship of games and stories has always held a strong draw for me, and as I advance through school and come closer to professional gamemaking, I find it becoming more and more significant to my life.

So, yeah, this somewhat indulgent (it is a blog, after all). This is for me more than anyone else. I'm sorting my thoughts because it will benefit me to have a concrete guide to games and stories as opposed to the free-floating thoughts that have been bouncing through my head for so long. It's also, believe it or not, for those of you without interest in the video game world. Many agree that we are nearing the point of video games becoming an accepted artistic medium. Movies weren't always given the reverence they enjoy today. Rock 'n' roll was long feared. You're on the Internet right now. You likely log on daily - ten years ago, did you honestly believe the Web would become a routine part of your life?

I'm writing this as a beginner's guide. An introduction. Most of my readers (I have readers, right?) are completely unfamiliar with the link between games and stories. I'm keeping you in mind as I write this, but even if I was writing for the current masters of gamemaking, this would still be a begginer's introduction. No one knows what they're doing yet.

This will be an ongoing series. I may drop the discussion for weeks or months at a time. This is a field that's still in its infancy, so I doubt there will be a definitive end.

If you're still bored now... I can't blame you. If I might break the fourth wall, I feel this is coming across as a bit dry and dull. I think that has more to do with me than with the subject. I'm just a dull person at the moment. Sorry. But seriously, this is gonna rock! Let's get excited! I'm going to list some thesis-y questions! That's awesome, right? How can you not be psyched?

What is a story?
What is a game?
How does story add to/detract from gameplay?
Why tell stories in games?
Are these all the big question I can think of for now?
Then I guess I'll wrap this up?
You do that?
Okay, I will?
Is this going to be boring?
Man, I hope not?
But, yeah, maybe?
Seriously, you guys, just give me a shot with this?


Jake said...


Nor said...

... only.

Jake said...

Not anymore. First of three ain't bad.

Nor said...

also, i really want to find all my old choose-your-own-adventure books now.

Jake said...

You're a few steps ahead of me. The reason I'm not blogging right now is that if I do blog, I want to blog about this stuff, but as mentioned, this stuff is affecting my life more and more. I am having very serious heated, passionate debates with real people in the real world about Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books a few times a week. As much as I love CYOA, and, believe me, I do, I don't want them to rule my life. Or do I...

If you think Jake should submit willingly to the awesome might of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, turn to page 7.

If you think Jake should stand up and shake off the chains of his oppressor, turn to page 22.

Nor said...

*turns to page 7*

it's too difficult to resist. i know, i know.