Monday, May 4, 2009

How Was Your Day?

Today, I peed in a cup and did not start playing WiiFit early enough to leave time for proper blogging.

That sentence is ambiguous and strange.


nicole. said...

hahahahah. oh the wii. yes, i have city folk and a wiispeak and internet connection so i can go to my little sister's town or my big sister's (they both have them in their respective homes). i think my mom got me it so it would bring us all together? i mean, we're pretty close sisters, but geographically we don't live you know, in the same house.

also i've been playing super mario 64 for approximately 1 and a half hours in total and have 24 stars. i think that's some indication as to how often i've played this game and how much is embedded in my brain. it scares me that i'm pretty sure it will forever remain there but you know, the protestant reformation is just lost on me.

my, my, this is a lengthy comment.

What. said...

Where is your toilet?

Jake said...

In the bathroom. Where's yours?

Anonymous said...

I found that comment neither ambiguous, nor strange.

I do however find peeing in a cup strange, and totally non-satisfying.

What do I know? Not much, not even my name.