Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Sick of Symmetry

At last, it is time to reveal the answer... Why did I rent The Phantom of Liberty? Are you ready to learn the truth?

There's an Of Montreal song that alludes to the title.

So, yeah, no real reason beyond my recognition of the name, but I'm quite pleased with what I found. It's a funny, absurd bit of experimental French movie-making, and it's very good. In terms of plot, it's tough, perhaps unnecessary to describe. The whole screenplay is a deliberate attempt to break the conventions and principles of cinema. Rather than telling a full story, you'll see a scene of people, but once you start to understand their situation, some incidental character will pass through and suddenly become the new focus of an unrelated scene.

To quote my mom, who was quoting some other, unnamed source, "In the 'film' or as you would say movie, Bunuel attacks society's false pretensions to freedom, and its distorted ideas of liberty..."

This is true. That's a fair summary, but for me, this movie has left me with three thoughts:

1. '70s cameras rule.
2. The French language is très magnifique.
3. I want to visit France.

Also, it has this:

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nicole. said...

AHHHH. I DON'T HOW I DIDN'T GUESS THAT. i curse my brain for not working.