Saturday, May 16, 2009

There's Something Very Wrong With My Brain

Why was this little piece of madness playing in my mind?

Even worse, why do I think that it would so rad if someone recorded a heavy metal cover of the music from this cartoon?

On a different note, here's the coolest question I was asked today: What is my opinion of aging?

I was fairly quick to answer when the question was posed, but the more I think about it, the more there is to think about.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather age when compared to the alternative. Of course there is a limit to how much aging I care to experience. My limits are based on what brain function I posess, whether or not I can live independantly, if I'm in diapers, and how dependant I am on others. In short, it's a quality of life issue. I hope that the longer I live the more I can learn. If I stop learning, I don't see a point in continuing life.

Oops, it's contagious. I'm expressing more than I orginally intended.

Jake said...

Hope I die before I get old?