Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not That There's Anything Wrong With Homo Sapiens

I don't remember seeing a single non-human animal all day. Not a dog, not a bird, not even a bug. It's winter, so that kind of explains it, but shouldn't there be some sign of life in the world? I walked through suburbs, past forests, and near open fields - nothing.

I'm not sure what made me notice this, but now I'm curious... how often do I spend days exclusively in the company of my own species?


Anonymous said...

I saw a dog
it played Toto
he was played by Cici Spencer
and I have a feeling he's not in Kansas anymore

-sister jack

Anonymous said...

*it was Toto*
(I messed up)

Jake said...

I saw a dog today. Plus also, I saw whole flocks of birds. So I guess yesterday was just a fluke or I forgot to open my eyes while I was outside.

Jake said...

I mean, I remembered today. How else would I have seen all that stuff?