Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Rules

1. Blog everyday
It doesn't matter what you write - a single word, a single character, a single image, a 400-page virtual tome - you must make a new entry containing anything at least once per day. That means you have until midnight each day. Rather than learning each of your time zones and committing myself to checking your blogs at that time, I will trust all of you to be cool, and just do a round each morning. No cheating, no changing timestamps.

2. One Mulligan
That is, you can miss one - and no more than one - day of blogging. Miss one day, and I'll put your name in italics on the master blogs list. Miss two, and you're outta there. Cool kids names' stand straight and tall.

3. The Challenge ends on June 30th
I took this date from last year's challenge. Too long? Too short? Make your requests for changes now.

3. Have fun, gang!
Alright, let's all put our hands in here, and I want to see a lot of spirit! That's it, everybody! Now let's give it our all!

Oh, and the challenge's name? It's a secret. Tune in tomorrow to find out!


Jake said...

Ha ha, did you see how I weaseled my way out of telling you that I haven't thought of a good name yet? Tee hee!

Seriously, now's the time for suggestions; otherwise, I'll just hit you with something brilliant tomorrow.

Jake said...

Oh, and for those of you who need some sort of incentive, I can assure you that you will be most interested in the mondo-righteous prize that will be awarded to the winners.

Jaime said...

The Jake Will Give the Winner 100 BILLION DOLLARS Blog Contest?

The One Free Hybrid Car Courtesy of Jake for Every Winner Blog Contest?

The Jake is a Poor Kid Who Will Give You One Shiny Button if You Finish This Challenge Blog Contest?

One Free Spaghetti from Jake's Pantry Per Dedicated Blogger Blog Contest?

Common theme: ending the title with the words "Blog Contest." The preceding words are pretty much up to you.

Jake said...

Don't spoil it!

Vera said...

Okay I guess I'm late but I also guess I'm in. You can blame this to your motivation skillz ... damn those!

nicole. said...

you mean we might win something other than a sense of superiority over others?! sweet.

Jake said...

I don't know if you're working, Nicole, and I don't want to say too much about what I have in store for the winner, but if you're feeling confidant in your ability to see the end of this challenge, I think I can safely suggest that you start considering resignation.