Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oohs & Aahs

I don't know exactly what kind of blogging time I'll have tonight, so here's a quick safety blog for now. What I do know is that I'm madly in love with the new Say Hi to Your Mom song, "November Was White, December Was Grey." Only forty more days until I get to hear this song live.


Lily said...

i would totally let you go to sundance in my place but i really don't want to! oops! guess i wouldn't totally do it! my bad!

nicole. said...

all your blogs talk about how at some point you will really blog.

Jake said...

It's meaningful. It's, um, an observation on the... the, uh... the way that bloggers blog nonsensical things and then... stuff where...

Okay, yeah, you got me. And now you have me cornered, and I'm forced to leave a comment on my non-bloggy blog post about how I'm going to one day blog saying that, yes, I will one day blog. This is a mess.

Look, this challenge started at a bad time. Give me just a little while to find my groove.

That's... actually that's a terrible excuse, and not at all true. Obviously, I'm the one who picked the starting date, and I think it's safe to say that I found a groove at some point during last year's contest, but even within that groove, I still spent most of my time talking about why I wasn't talking about anything. It is my way.

The thing is, I did start writing a real blog post two days ago, but it would've required more effort than I was willing to make to complete it, plus I'm having second thoughts and probably won't post it, after all. And I really was busy yesterday. That one was legit. In fact, I think I'll start writing about that one right now...

Jake said...

"Oohs & Aahs" blog post (including title)
Word Count: 59
Characters: 295

The above comment
Word Count: 209
Characters: 1106

I need to work on this blogging thing. At least I don't blog each day about what I had for lunch or about how mean my teachers are.

No offense, Jaime.

Anonymous said...

I have no teachers.

WORD COUNT (including the words 'word count' but not including this parenthetical comment about which words are included): 6

Anonymous said...

now, now kiddies,
keep the battles on the dance floor.
blog comment fights are worse than "whose life sucks more" fights.

-sister jack

check out the band "fleet foxes"

nicole. said...

that was a lovely comment, you should have turned it into a blog.

Jake said...

I have. That is my blog. The meta-rambling about blogging, the needless details of how I built each piece of furniture in my living room, the links to music videos, the clumsy love letters to video games - it's all life and it's all worth living and worth questioning. It's not usually direct; life rarely is. It's a puzzle, and I'm holding back a pile of pieces.

There are happy moments and sad moments, moments of confusion and moments of clarity, and there are moments where there's nothing to do but chill; to take the earth in and accept that the world is a big, groovy place, gently floating through a solar system in a galaxy in the universe. And we're here, lucky enough to catch some small glimpse of it. And though each of us is a tiny nothing in this magnificent whole, we each get a whole world of our very own, and, no matter how little or infrequently, we get to share our worlds with each other, and we get to keep a private world for ourselves. We get to feel confusion. We get to ask questions. We get to live. And we get to blog about even the littlest of things, because who knows what worlds they hold?

nicole. said...

i was referring to the comment on this post but the one you're going with is good too. =)