Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So I Says, "That's No Blog Challenge - That's My Wife!"

Well, some Blog Challenge host I turned out to be - this thing starts tomorrow and I still haven't announced any firm details. I'll try to get it all written out today, but thanks to a fine combination of classes and homework, it might take a while, and I want to make sure I have a list of all our challengers.

The Year's Bloggers
(In Order of Acceptance of the Challenge)


Did I miss anyone? Did I link the wrong blog? Would you rather have me separate your names with ♥ than ☼? Official rules will be up soon and blogging begins in less than 24 hours - if you have any requests, make 'em now!

Update: Hearts won! Also: Jaime added. And Vera added.


Nor said...

i request that our names are separated with hearts! also taylor and joanna have the same link, which is either wrong or cheating.

shesarejector said...

oh snap. i guess i need to start blogging again. oh past me, what have you gotten present me into?

Jake said...


Phil said...

Dude, I wanted to enter with, not the one you have up there, I want to be forced into doing my unfunny comic every day, not my depressing weblog.

Jake said...


Lily said...

dave and i are going to utah for sundance next week and we've got a few other things going on so i don't think i will work for us this time! the future though! and i may unofficially do it along with you all when i get back. good luck, folks!