Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Shiny Buttons Blog-Off!

This is... I dunno. I... think I like it. I would've expected me to go with some sort of pun-based title, but I think I prefer the elegant, meaningless simplicity of Shiny Buttons. It's not just about me, though; not at all. We should pick a title that we can all agree to love. No one wants to be stuck in a poorly-named blog challenge. This was derived from one challenger's suggestion, so I don't feel I'm being too dictatorial in my naming.

If you're unhappy, throw out a new name within the next week. After that, I'm making a logo or something.

I was going to talk about other stuff (non-Shiny Buttons Blog-Off stuff), but, man, I have things to do tonight, and plenty of writing to do in the coming months, so I'm taking the lazy way out this time. Dudes, have you seen my blog? I've written, like, six entries since that last challenge ended. I gots ta ease myself back into this daily habit, ya dig?

Tonight's homework: Invent an original game using two six-sided dice and one ten-sided die. Whoooooo!

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