Saturday, January 31, 2009

Participation Award

I didn't know Taylor very well. We can all agree that his time in this blog challenge was too short. And while while we wish that he were still with us here today, we can always fondly browse his archives and look back on all the good times we shared. Never will he leave our thoughts. He will be greatly missed, and I bet even now, removed from this challenge, he's looking down on us and blogging.

It is in memory of Taylor that I present the bronze Shiny Buttons Blog-Off! award of participation.

For those of you who aren't pathetic losers who couldn't even last a month, here's a little something you can stick on your blog if you so choose.


Taylor H. said...

Ouch, pathetic loser. Well, at least I get a button.

Jake said...

Oh, yeah. You probably shouldn't read that last part.

As for the rest of you, take a good look at Taylor. You really wanna end up like that?

nicole. said...

R.I.P taylor. only the good lose blogging contests young.

nicole. said...

jake, jake. i want to read all your posts so bad, especially when i noticed zelda in one of them. but we need to have a talk about the ridiculous amount of videos discouraging me from doing that.

Jake said...

Okay, fair enough. In one of those outrageously dull, rambling, lengthy posts, I even mention how much I hate covering my blog in YouTube videos. Actually, I don't really like putting videos on this page at all.

I tried finding ways of just linking sound files instead of huge, stupid, messy, single-image videos, but I couldn't find anything that worked well. I suppose the obvious solution would be to just not link so many freaking songs, but I was stupid and ambitious. You wouldn't believe how much I didn't link.

In my defense, I didn't think anyone would ever want to read any of that stuff, anyway.