Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If You Need Directions, I'll Be Your Guide

If you read this blog or know me in real life, you're likely aware that I want to make video games, but gamemaking is a big field, and it's quite possible that you've missed specifically which role I would most like. Really, my desired field is not just video games, but entertainment as a whole, and video games are my top priority at the moment. Anyway, within the wide world of entertainment and video games, among the many jobs I'd love to try, my first choice would be directing. Oddly, it seems directing is a largely ignored part of gamemaking. When I tell people that I want to direct, I'm typically met with quizzical looks and questions like, "Huh?" "Why?" or "Directing video games? Is that a real job?"

It exists, but is not the kind of thing anyone teaches, so I'm left picking up what I can from notes on directing in other fields, which leads me to a book I just finished, entitled, Notes on Directing.

It's incredible. I almost left it on the shelf at the library, but I'm so glad I didn't. I'm thinking about getting a copy of my own for reference. It's this tiny, condense, plainly-written book that makes so many difficult, abstract concepts and methods that have always impressed me about great directors into little tips and reminders. I can't believe how much I've learned in about 100 pages. It's an astonishing book and one I highly recommend.

I know that's a weird recommendation - how many of my readers want to be directors? - but while it is very specifically written about directing for the stage, the skills of a good director can be carried over into acting, teaching, coaching, management, and plenty of other jobs. Even if you'd just like a bit of insight into how a play is created and what a director does, it's worth reading. It has me really pumped for teaching my improv class again when summer ends, which is weird, because I don't want summer to ever end.

Amazon will allow you to read the table of contents (click "LOOK INSIDE!"), which should give you some idea of whether or not this would be of interest to you. I was totally sold before I even finished that much, so I'm probably on the right path with the choice to pursue directing.


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This is Russell Reich, co-author of Notes on Directing. Please contact me so I can express my deep thanks in person and ask you a question.

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