Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Remember Searching for the Perfect Words

The reason I took a ride with strangers last night is the the bridge over Lake Washington, the bridge which connects Redmond and Seattle, was closed for an annual inspection. As it turned out, the buses stopped running early, before the bridge had been closed, which was why I was left stranded in the rainy Seattle night.

I'll be going back into the city tonight (I'm scheduled at the improv place), but this time I know for sure that the bus will not be going to my usual stop because the bridge is to be closed for the rest of the weekend. There's an alternative route, but I'll have to go to a different bus stop to get there. Naturally, I went to the local Metro Web site to plan the trip. I would expect the closure of a major freeway bridge into Seattle would be fairly important news, but, no, I've been searching the site and I can't find any mention of it. The site does have an automated "trip planner" - type in your starting point, destination, and when you'd like to leave or arrive and it will tell you which buses to take. The only problem is that it's telling me to take buses over the bridge to bus stop which are closed.

Fantastic. I get to have an adventure.

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