Monday, June 15, 2009

Snow Dream

I replaced my dearly departed CD player this weekend (R.I.P.). I ended up going with a simple red Sony Walkman, just $4 at Value Village - what a steal.

I didn't want to make such a hefty purchase without properly weighing my options, though. First, I looked at the local department stores, expecting that the near domination of the personal music player market by MP3 players would reduce CD players to insignificant prices, but, no, instead it's just made them harder to find. Even online, the costs and selections are pretty weak, so it was off to Value Village, then back to my apartment to look up reviews of the CD players I'd found at the store, then back to the store, this time with my headphones and a pair of batteries so I could test all of the players firsthand.

Jeez, I'm a freak.

Whatever. I got a classy CD player for four bucks.

Anyway, I needed a CD with which to test the CD playing capabilities of the available CD players, so I went to the CD shelf and grabbed the album with the prettiest cover. I found a picture of it online, but I assure you, the case is much, much prettier in real life.

If you were wondering, no, this story isn't going anywhere. See, this is the trouble with forcing yourself to blog everyday.

Oh, wait - something interesting did happen today - a guy at work made an Opti-Grab reference. I laughed. It was the best pizza in a cup ever.

Back to the story: While testing the stack of CD players, I heard this ridiculous song many times and now it won't leave my head. I can only hope I have the fortitude to resist the urge to go back and buy the CD.

Blogs are stupid.

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