Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh, Snap!

To the great surprise of absolutely no one who keeps up with things like this...

So, I'll admit it - this is pretty impressive. Very early, very rough, but there's potential here. It's doing some things that Wii isn't, and while they're not showing any real games, or even solid ideas for games - there's nothing as flashy as Milo, for instance - I get the impression that Sony's thought a little more about the application of this technology within video games than Microsoft has. It's still not going to make a dent in the sales of Wii, though, and for the same reason Natal's going to flop.

Free business tip, Microsoft and Sony: Learn to innovate.

Meanwhile, Nintendo proved to be the worst employer on Earth. Ostensibly, I give Nintendo fourty hours of my life each week in exchange for money, but today they've told me that I have to give back all my money. They didn't exactly put it in those terms, but they did announce a bunch of games that I will have to buy. I have no choice. Some of these games are essential to my survival.

Like I said, I won't comment on any specific games, but I will say generally, well done, Nintendo. There's nothing like a camera (there's the Wii MotionPlus, which will significantly increase the accuracy of the Wii Remote, but that was announced last year). There's nothing truly innovate, which is perhaps disappointing, but not really necessary, and a safe move in a rough economy. What Nintendo does have over the competition is a selection of games that I want to play; games which I will pay real money to purchase. Fun games. I'll take fun over sci-fi technology any day.

By the way, "Oh, snap!" is the dumbest phrase I've ever heard. I want to punch myself for using it.


Anonymous said...

That was pretty cool. It was also pretty fast and precise. How did those two nervous little kids come up with all of that? I liked the Chinese fan. Too bad it's dumb old PlayStation.
-sister jack

Jake said...

That's alright - you already have Wii, so there is absolutely no reason for you to care about this, unless you want inferior imitations of Wii games.