Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sing, Sing a Song

This weekend was all about spending money on musical stuff. Rather than relay the entire drawn-out affair today, though, I'll get straight to the point. After what must've been a few years of looking, I found some audio recording equipment for super-cheap, so now it looks like I better make some music.

No video here, just the sound of my guitar.

Being able to record audio is extremely useful when you have some need to record audio. I, unfortunately, do not have such a need at this time, so I'm just messing around right now. The above is almost entirely improvised, which is why it sounds as messy as it does; it was only a mindless test to see what I could do with my new toys, recorded this weekend. There are a few chords in there from an unfinished song I wrote, too, but this is in no way representative of what that song might sound like if I ever do finish it.

Songwriting is one of those things to which I haven't devoted much time, and, as a result, I'm not great at it. I've played around a little, but never gotten very serious about it. Having the means to actually record songs now has awoken some urge to write, but the results are, so far, nonsense. My general approach is to let my subconscious take care of the lyrics and leave the music to my fingers, leaving me with weirdo gibberish. For instance, here's a bit of another song* I started writing last night at an hour when normal people would be sleeping. In this case, I was thoughtlessly strumming my guitar and came across a fairly pleasing sound, then started mumbling along until the following placeholder words fell out of my mouth.

Chocolate-lover, movie-lover, peperoni pizza lover
Pillow, mattress, sheets, and covers
Paper, Scissors, Rock

*The word bit, that is, not the music part. I haven't recorded it, so there's nothing for you to hear.


Anonymous said...

I felt in touch with the lyrics, and then you lost me with "peperoni". I wish it you could have done something with Canadian Bacon instead.

Jake said...

I'm sorry we couldn't connect over meat.