Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

My big plan for the day: homework. Woohoo!

Personally, I think last night was more of a holiday. The SciFi Channel debuted an original movie.

Rock Monster

It wasn't a rock - it was a rooooooock monsteeeeeer! Oh, man, this movie had everything. There was this one dude who had the back of of his head pinched off by the rock monster, and then he starts coughing up blood and you totally got to see his brain. Awesome! Or, like, this one crazy lady who with no military experience who kept blowing up the rock monster with rockets and tanks and whatever. Amazing! A new level of cinematic excellence.

Today, on the other hand, is weird. I was reading the paper when I stumbled across this:

It says:
need some wii time?
Sunday, March 30
1-4 P.M.
Visit select locations to play Wii
from Nintendo and register
for a chance to win a
$100 spa gift card.
Find out where you can plat

Spas are being tied to video game promotions now? I don't understand this decade.

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