Friday, March 14, 2008

It's a Jolly Wholiday

Well, today's the day - at long last, the world can rejoice. Horton Hears a Who is now playing, and I can't wait to not see it. It's not that I don't like bad movies - quite the opposite, in fact - but even I have limits.

Somehow, this turned into an e-conversation about the very lovely and talented

Here's an e-mail I sent Big Sister Jaime a few months ago after she moved into her house:

Nice place. I like it. I wasn't really sure what to say
in commemorating your departure from the complex
lifestyle, so I thought I'd steal something from
"In a People House," but apparently it's one of
Dr. Seuss' less beloved books. I couldn't find any
quotes, but Yahoo! did find this: : Movies : Dr. Seuss:
In a People House : Details
Get the details for Dr. Seuss:
In a People House, including
director, genre, runtime and
themes. ... | Help. HOME.

Could it be? Dreamworks is
currently tied up with
the production of Horton Hears
a Who starring Steve
Carell, but we all know the
massively success string
of star-studded Seuss-based hits
won't end there.
Unfortunately, this link is for
one of the many
poorly animated shorts, but it
raises questions.
What's Ron Howard done lately?
The DaVinci Code? I
suspect that the man is just
waiting for the chance
to redeem himself, and we all
know how that's done in
Hollywood. He's going to go back
to the sort of movie
that helped him earn the respect
of the movie industry,
and nothing screams quality quite
like his masterpiece,
The Grinch.

Summer, 2009: A Ron Howard Film

Steve Martin is
In a People House

Somehow, this turned into an e-conversation about the
very lovely and talented Bunny Hoest...

Here's the thing, see. I think we ought to start a
Bunny Hoest-worship
society. Our symbol would be a bunny, of course,
but we'd also all have
giant dogs that we'd somehow have to fit in a tiny
cathedral, and
instead of a choir we'd have people reenacting
Lockhorns punch lines.
Also, I MUST find a collection of her comics for
the National Enquirer.
and the government can't classify us as a cult.
Her work is used to
cheer our armed services abroad:

Here's her bio from her syndicate:
Bunny Hoest
Hoest is one of the most widely read cartoonists today, reaching nearly
200 million diverse readers every week. She produces The Lockhorns, which King
Features Syndicate distributes to
500 newspapers worldwide; Laugh
featuring Howard Huge, for Parade magazine, which is seen by more than
80 million people every Sunday;
and the long-running Bumper Snickers for the National Enquirer, which has a
circulation of more than 7 million.
- Joe Franklin, The Joe Franklin Show

Jake wrote: Well, that's certainly enough to get
me ROTFLOLing, but you're missing the
point a bit by giving such a brief description.
Howard Huge is a perfect
arguement for the medium of comics. It's not
simply what has occurred, it's
the way it occurs. The caption is hilarious, yes,
but there's so much more.
It's about the way an artist, a true artist, not
some hack like Monet or Van
Gogh, can use visuals to express complex ideas,
to reach deep into our
collective heart and pull up wonderful emotions,
and remind us of what it is
to be human. Howard Huge takes a single panel
and turns it into a window
that shows us what is right in front of our eyes,
that we mere mortals are
too blind to see.

Jaime's response:
It actually does say on the
Web site that they're in talks about a Lockhorns
movie. Please oh please oh please let it be true.


Jake said...

Sorry about the wonky, poetic formating. Blogger has a hard time doing tricky stuff like displaying text in a legible way.

Anonymous said...

"wonky" is a fun word. i think i'll try to fit it into a conversation today.