Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is There Anything More Awkward Than Pop-Culture References in Family Circus Comics?

Not exactly pop-culture, but I couldn't find the Family Circus comics that reference Sponge Bob or Star Wars, so it will have to do.


Jake said...

Not Family Circus:

Jake said...

Don't tell the guys.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe. Thank you for the Baby-Sitters Club comic. Thank you very much.

This is my new favorite blog:

Besides yours, of course.

Jake said...

The "what claudia wore" link is safe, despite a somewhat questionable name.

It's also pretty funny, even though I've never read a Baby-Sitter's Club book. Not even once.

I really haven't.

C. Semp said...

If you can find it, my current favorite Family Cirus is a two panel one which goes something like:

1) Billy and PJ. Billy is on a swing, mid swing and is chiding PJ. "When you're older you can do cool tricks on swings"

2) Billy has apparently jumped off the swing, but then landed funny and now he's crying. PJ laughs.

Jake said...

The Family Circus is soooooooo much funnier when you're reading descriptions of the action.

C. Semp said...

I assure you, it's just as funny if you can find the comic.