Thursday, February 26, 2009

Practice at home can increase your skill on court.

I have a few video game related links I've been holding for a while. The idea is that they seemed sort of interesting when I found them and I was waiting until I either had related subjects to blog about or a late night when I needed to quickly post something. I'm tired of seeing them in my bookmarks, though, so I'm going to wipe them all out in one boring post.

First, here's an article about the most anticipated games-related technology of this year. In first (beating out my pick of Wii MotionPlus) is stereoscopic 3D display. Hmmm...

Next, sooooo many pictures of video game systems. The story here is that some video game collector was auctioning off his collection. The result is an enormous gallery of perhaps some of the most obscure consoles in video game history.This is incredible. Even if you don't care about video games, give this link a shot. A fascinating pictoral history lesson.

I don't know why I thought anyone who reads this blog would be interested in this, but here you go: Good Morning America talks about what the newly released Sega Genesis and NEC TurboGrafx-16 will mean for Nintendo

And finally, an article from today: Game|Life previews the upcoming Dante's Inferno video game. My gut reaction when I first heard about this game was, "That's a great idea!" My second thought - "Wait, no it isn't. Not at all." The book has some neat settings, but the plot consists almost entirely of wimpy poet Dante walking around, having a few chats with the dead, and crying. I think he throws up a few times, as well. There's probably a decent enough slow-paced adventure game somewhere in there, but no, it turns out this game is all about running around and killin' stuff. Instead of Dante, the wimpy poet who weaps and vomits in perpetual fear, you play as Dante, the muscle-bound human tank who's out for revence, and he's coming after you, Lucifer.

Tonight's post was brought to you by the sounds of Bitter:Sweet. If you don't listen to them already, consider this introduction your reward for getting through a blog about boring old video game stuff.


Anonymous said...

I really don't care about video games, but that collection is amazing!

Jake said...

See - you people should listen to me when I say stuff!

Jake said...

Not all the time, though, 'cause I say dumb things all the time. Ignore those.