Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Would You Stop Playing With That Radio, Y'all?

Don't know if you've noticed, but I've gotten in this weird habit lately where I think I have to put lots of stuff on here in order to be a good blogger. On the contrary, it would probably be a service to all of you and all of me if I cooled it a bit with all those words and videos.

How 'bout a few pictures instead?

Nothing but sloppy, idle doodles. There are a few classes where I typically fill at least a page per lecture, and I mean fill to the point where I can't possible fit another line. Judging by the blank space, today's physics class must've been pretty enthralling. Oddly enough, my drawing skills tend to improve more in courses like this than in my art and animation classes, and my grades are generally higher, as well.

I've been playing a little Jet Grind Radio over the past few days, and I'm on a bit of a graffiti kick.


An observer said...

I like how the hand seems to substitute the C.

Jake said...

You're right. Totally unintentional.