Saturday, February 7, 2009

Regret of the Day

I saw this while passing through a thrift shop today for a mere six bucks, but did not buy it.
If you don't click here to hear her speak, you hate freedom, you liberal pig.

The theme this week has sort of naturally evolved* into "the Wacky World of Video Game Schools, " which is unfortunate since I just finished a video game-themed week. Seriously, I'm not going to mention video games for the next week, but I saw this ad last night and it's too good not to post.
Following the link takes us to a site advertising such fine learning establishments as Kaplan University, the University of Phoenix, Westwood College, the Art Institute, and Full Sail. All that's missing is DeVry and ITT Tech.

I have several teachers who have mentioned that they taught at the Art Institute before coming to DigiPen. I don't know of any former Westwood instructors in my school, but the college's presence is still very much felt - even now, years after the debut of this infamous commercial, I still hear jokes about "tighten[ing] up the graphics" every few weeks, including an unexpected jab in the recent Wii and computer game "World of Goo" (which is awesome, by the way; if you have a Wii, you should download it). As for Full Sail, the school is widely considered our closest rival. I'm not sure what that means in this case. It's not like the schools are competing in football championships or something. I guess if any Full Sailors ever dock in Redmond, they better prepare for some punishment, Magic: The Gathering style, and if that doesn't scare 'em off, we'll challenge 'em to a game of Go. Ain't no rivalry like a nerd rivalry.

Like I said the other day, this is pretty much the competition. These are the other game development schools. So, yeah! Go, DigiPen! We're number one!

Of course, that still leaves Kaplan University and the University of Phoenix. What relationship does my rockin' college have to these? Uh, none, as far as I can tell. But at least the DigiPen Institute of Technology has a respectable name, uncluttered by that laughable "university" title.

Woo! Number one!

Survey time:
Does anyone really believe that making a game is the same as playing a game? It's okay; you can tell me if you do. I mean, I'm going to mock you, but don't let that stop you. I just want to know... who came up with the idea that this is how it's done?

*Just kidding - evolution is a myth, made up by liberals who hate America.


Anonymous said...

Was this at that really rockin' store with all the cowboy gear and/or dust?
I don't remember if that was a thrift shop.

Jake said...

Nope, it was at Value Village. That other place isn't a thrift shop, just a cowboy gear/dust shop.

I also walked past the place with the really eerie Beatles statues and was surprised to find all the windows were boarded. Fear not, though, they're not going out of business; they're just moving to a new location.

Anonymous said...

Wait, so ... at some point, someone actually bought that thing?

I mean, in order for it to be at a thrift store, someone had to buy it and then decide to get rid of it.


Jake said...

It was still in the box, but it's one of those boxes where you can reach through a little hole to activate the talky-button, and that button was well used.

Anonymous said...

strings my cheese
-sister jackle and mr. hyde