Friday, April 3, 2009

Baby Corn

Once upon a time, in a field on a farm, a little baby corn was born. It was all covered in sticky mud, but the farmer cut it from the stalk and wiped it off and wrapped it in a towel. The mommy corn was exhausted, but she was so happy to hold her little baby corn. The daddy corn smoked a corn cob pipe and called all the carrots and tomatoes to tell them the good news. Soon the mommy corn was tired and needed rest, and the baby corn was very tired, too, so it was given a spot amongst the other new baby corns, where it quickly fell asleep.

The next day, the mommy and daddy corn were allowed to leave the farm with their fresh-picked baby corn. The mommy corn held the baby corn lovingly in the nursery, but the daddy corn gave them both a kiss and went off to store. He was sad to leave his baby corn, but he knew it was important for him to produce so that he could support his growing family.

The baby corn grew and, in time, was big enough to start school. The young corn, no longer a baby, joined the other young corns on the bus. The mommy corn was sad to see her baby corn go - it was as though the little sprout had been shucked only yesterday - but time, indeed, had passed, and it was time for the mommy corn to return to the fields and support her family.

Before long, it was time for the young corn to go off to college. The daddy corn was proud of his little corn. The mommy corn knew this day would come, but she never thought it would be so soon. She tried to be strong, but she would miss her baby corn.

Then one day, the young corn returned home, but not alone. All the corns were seated for their corn meal when the young corns announced that they were to be married.

The grandma and grandpa corn had grown older, slightly shriveled, they're kernels turning gray and falling out, but they felt young again as they stood in the fields and looked upon the new mommy corn and daddy corn and the baby corn they would call their own.


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jakey, i think you should make that into a real book
i want to illustrate it
they are very cute in my head
-sister jack