Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Silver Lining

Looking for an upside to global economic ruin? Less money to invest in the creation of things like this.

No, you're not looking at combination headphones/nose-hair clippers. Even better, it's the PediState, the only Game Boy accessory that sedates children with a stream of nitrous oxide.

As you'd expect, the promotional video on the official site is hilarious, featuring smug doctors, smiley kids posing, comparisons of the N2O pump to a toy or fighter pilot's mask, and a kid tripping on the gas, all set to that mellow, ukulele-version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that was popular for a while, as well as gratuitous, bloody shots of a little kid getting stitches in his forehead.

The video does not mention why this is any better that just using a regular N2O pump while the kid plays video games, presumably because it is not.

Whatever. Still better than this:

Also available in Original, Blueberry, Mini, and Blueberry Mini.
Dear Jimmy Dean

At diners, I always eat a bite of sausage with a bite of pancake, but this is even better – I mean, it’s on a stick! Thanks for making something so fun to eat.

--James, Salem, MA


Jake said...

I spent all day trying to figure out how make a joke about Flapsticks. I can't do it. There's is nothing I can add. Nothing. Jimmy Dean, you win.

Jaime said...

Did I not do a blog about pancake on a stick already? I coulda sworn.

It was like The Joke of the Year in the office, by the way. There was some rural school that had "pancake on a stick" for breakfast and corndogs for lunch on the cafeteria menu. Apparently syrup is now a vegetable, much like ketchup.

Jake said...

Yeah, ya probably did. You'll have to forgive me if my subconscious chose to block out such a thing.