Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Day, Another Lousy Blogger

Too much homework for me to waste time being clever or creative, so we'll go with an old standby: metablogging.

I was reviewing the Shiny Buttons Blog-Off! rules to determine whether or not Jaime had technically lost (Vera, by the way, is out now. So long, Kermit!), and rule #3 caught my eye. Did you know I have to keep up this daily blogging nonesuch for 59 more days?! Who thought that was a good idea? No wonder everyone's dropping out.

Yeah, whatever. Now I don't feel as bad about writing stupid filler like this occasionally. Which defeats the point of being in a blog challenge, obviously, but, yeah, whatever.

At least I managed to work in an ultra-subtle reference to a song by an ultra-obscure band.


lousy you say? said...

Woah wait this is just not true! Yahoo just doesn't link it correctly, I have proof HERE:
I won't accept this.

Jake said...

Okay, you're back in. That's really weird, but I've seen entries disappear and reappear on their own whims on your blog before.