Monday, April 27, 2009

Job Number One

On Saturday night I went to see my first Jet City Improv show, but tonight will be my first time to go as a volunteer worker. There isn't actually a show tonight, and I won't be doing any work yet, but there is a company meeting to which I've been invited, so this is my first experience with the troupe in any official capacity; as anything other than an audience member. I'm 'cited.

So, uh, yeah, that's not the most interesting of blog posts, but I do need to go catch my bus to the meeting in a few minutes and I wanted to be sure I had something here in case I end up being out late, so as not to miss my deadline. I'd write about something that happened during my day, but my day was primarily spent not going to s****l or doing h******k, because it is summer and summer rocks, even if I am starting one of my many jobs just a few days into the break.

Oh, I finally tried Rice Dream non-dairy ice cream style frozen treat today. I've been curious about this stuff as long as I've been vegan. The verdict: it's pretty bad. Weird texture, bland taste. Soy Dream ice cream-esque non-ice cream is da bomb, though.

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