Monday, June 8, 2009

I have this kind-of friend type person at work - a work-friend, really. Not the sort of person I hang out with on the weekends, but someone with whom I can idly chat while at work. You know the type.

Anyway, he and another of my work-friends were talking and it came up that he writes and makes funny videos online, so I looked him up today. To my surprise, his videos really are funny, and so is his writing, and beyond that, they're both done well. To be perfectly honest, we're talking about him recoding himself talking about video games on a personal digital camera, and his writing has a few lazy blogger tendencies - the personal pronoun "I" being written with a lowercase letter, and the like - but you get the impression that if he was doing more professional work and making an effort to polish all the details, he could do a fine job, indeed.

I know from talking to him that he does have a bit of moviemaking and editing experience (you may have even seen some of it), though he's obviously working with me in product testing at the moment. However, his site reveals that he's actually an aspiring screenwriting, and he's currently fixing up a feature length script.

It got me thinking about how how it's possible to make smalltalk with a person for a month and still know nothing about who they truly are or what talents they hold.

It also reminded me of something I mentioned a few days ago; that I am a much better writer than you'd suspect from reading my blog, but I never do anything to prove that, to you or to myself. Another few weeks of this challenge and maybe, after a little break, I'll start to think of some other way of employing the written word.

Bonus Fun Fact: My spell checker claims that "today" is not a word. Overruled, spell checker.

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Anonymous said...

I must admit that I hope you'll continue to blog after your challenge ends. It's cool getting to know someone you'd not know otherwise. Even when the knowledge very limited. I suppose it's similar to what you feel towards your work friend.

Please consider maintaining your blog for your anoymous fan base. We like it.