Sunday, April 27, 2008

Any Way You Schon It

There have been eighteen members in Journey, and guitarist Neal Schon is the only one who was a part of the original lineup thirty-five years ago and is still a member of the band today, aside from bassist Ross Valory, who left left the band for ten years before returning. Journey is one of the most successful bands of all time, having gone platinum or better with seven different albums and two greatest hits records, including "Escape", which went nine time platinum, and "Greatest Hits", which went fourteen times platinum. Neal Schon should be known around the world as a music legend, but I discovered something shocking tonight.

Neal Schon does not have a picture on Wikipedia.

Still, the Neal is the sky keeps on burnin', and Journey will come to you with open arms when the lights go down in your cit-ayiyay. That's right, the band is touring even now, and have you heard the new lead singer. This kid's unbelievable! Well, almost unbelievable. I don't think he would want your believin' to cease.

Here's him singing with Zoo, the band he was in before joining Journey:

And after:

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Jake said...

To the Catcher of Typos: Shhhhhhh...

Also: Isn't it cool that I can rewrite history?