Tuesday, April 1, 2008

There's an Otter on Your Back

Well, when I was nineteen I was insecure...
Well ain't that nineteen?
I was over-intellectual, that's for sure...

- Jonathan Richman

Nah, I'm just joshin'; I was perfect when I was nineteen. The point is, I'm now old enough to look back on my teenage years. Happy twentieth, me! So long, Baba O'Reily!

I wish it was a happy occasion, but my stupid family apparently decided to use the date of my birth as an excuse for punishment and torment. Look what they gave me:

You jerks! Do you not read this blog? Don't you know that I have enough to do as it is?
If anyone else has Smash Bruddas, my friend code is:


Do let's play together some time!


Anonymous said...

sorry about the rotten gifts
happy birthday anyway

Jake said...

Thanks, jerk.

Anonymous said...

be nice to your mom!
someone that cares