Saturday, April 26, 2008

Clean is Better Than Dirty, and Dirty's Meaner Than Clean

"Nobody is moving out of here until we've cleaned every inch of this place." So spaketh me unto my roommates. And so was born Cleaning Day.

Highlights from the big event:
In order to ensure that roomies would be mentally prepared for our sanitary proceedings, I warned them about a week ago that we would have a Cleaning Day. When the big day finally came, I went to a store to pick up some cleaning supplies while waiting for everyone to wake up (some time in the mid-to-late-afternoon). I ran into a school friend and told him I was off to find a toilet brush. "Oh, yeah," he said. "I heard you were having a Cleaning Day."

"Whoa, look at this counter! See how it has sort of a marble pattern? I didn't know there were white flecks in there!"

Peter's contribution:
Attempts to sneak away and talk on the phone or surf the 'net: too many to count.

"Look at the oven! Look! Did you know it was supposed to be silver inside?"

We took a dinner break not too long before midnight (see yesterday's post if you care about the specific time (you don't)). During that time, we found that the Doom movie was on TV. As nerds, we had no choice but to watch it, which was unfortunate, because, wow, that was a horrendous movie. There wasn't even any room for ironic enjoyment. So sad. I think everyone would've given up on TV altogether if the Mortal Kombat movie hadn't been on immediately afterwards. Ordinarily I would've told everyone to finish the last bit of cleaning, but under those circumstance, that was no longer an option. Your soul is mine!

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Anonymous said...

You should have put "Dishes Like to be Dirty" on this entry.

-Sister Jack