Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Day Is Ending

...And I'm not finished with the post I was preparing. Since I've put two Olde English videos on this site in the last week, I might as well add the best one of all.

I ordinarily keep the site squeaky clean, so I should warn you that there's, like, half of a swear in here.

Higher quality version available at


Anonymous said...

What about caviar, those were never alive.

-sissy jackers

Anonymous said...

what if you were trapped on an island and there was nothing to eat but small animals or your best friend and you would die if you didn't eat because you've been trapped on this island for a really, really long time and you're about to starve to death and your best friend just starved to death and there are no banana trees because it's not a tropical island and there isn't even a monkey to make you a sandwich..... what would you do???? Think about it!!

Jake said...

Wait, how are the small animals staying alive?

Anonymous said...

would you eat them if they only ate plants?

Jake said...

I would obviously eat the vegetables!