Monday, May 19, 2008

The Problem With Monday Is the Problem With Tuesday

I spent all day thinking it was Sunday, but, alas, is Monday. When you're out of school and out of work, it rarely matters what day of the week it is, but I've been telling myself all weekend that I would turn in my request for a transfer of major on Monday. It does not appear that will be happening. I just finished Star Fox Adventures earlier today (yuck), so I'm expecting my papers to write themselves any minute now. That will leave me with one picture to draw, which I should be able to do tomorrow morning.

I also meant to call Nintendo and harass someone about giving me a job already. It's been nearly two months since I applied for a game-testing position. I assume that rational people would move on at this point, but we're talking about a job that I've wanted since I was six or seven. I'm willing to be obnoxiously persistent. I called Nintendo about two weeks ago to ask if I still had a shot at the job and the person on the phone made it sound like I did. She said I would probably hear back in a week or two. That was just over two weeks ago. Which is why I was going to call today. But I didn't. Poop.

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