Thursday, May 29, 2008

Look at the Footage!

I was on my school's Website today and I happened to find a link to a ridiculously cheesy video tour of Redmond (though, sadly, it's not lame enough to be ironically funny). I'm not linking the video because it's in any way entertaining, but because it reminded me that although I've lived here for more than a full school year, none of my friends or family have ever been here. Yes, this is going to be one of those serious, relentlessly boring posts.

Non-family members, you are dismissed for now; you'll find nothing of interest here today. Family members, if you thought reading blogs was bad on an ordinary day, let's see how you like it when I demand that you read my admittedly dull musings. Aunts, my mom tells me that you've been secretly lurking on my blog for some time. This is your punishment for never leaving comments, not even when I specifically request them. I blog so hard for you, and I never even get one emoticon in return... Wait, what I talking about? Oh, right, Redmond.

Yeah, so, that video - it reminded me of early days of JakeyPen, before the hamburger contests and the drugs, back when this was a simple, never-updated corner of the Web full of pixelated plant pictures and Tiny Toons references. I have a few pictures I never uploaded from those days, and I've discovered some other cool locations since then, but my updates were so sporadic back then that I never got around to finishing my photo-tour of the town. I think I'm going to make a bigger effort in the next few days to carry my camera. If nothing else, a few pictures of flowers and mountains will be a refreshing break from YouTube videos. Maybe not refreshing. But a break. Plus, the flowers and mountains will match the symbols by the focus switch on the side of my camera. Whoa - I just blew my own mind.

By the way, check out all those bike lunatics in that video. They are so crazy!


Jake said...

Okay, aunts, I know you guys might be a little unsure about the whole "comment" thing. It can be scary to try new experiences, but that's why I'm here; I'm going to help. I'll guide by example to help kick this off.

For instance:

"Shut up, Jake. Dude, you're so rambling. Please stop smoking angel dust before writing your blog."

See? It's just that easy.

Jake said...

As a fun side note, I'm such a biscuithead that I had to use Wikipedia to learn that "smoke" is an appropriate verb for angel dust, or PCP.

Other slang terms for phenylcyclohexylpiperidine include "water" and, apparently in Quebec only, "paste." If you hear your children talking to their friends about water, contact the proper authorities immediately.

Anonymous said...

smoking angel dust...ha

-auntie karen

Jake said...

I was just kidding about that. I really don't smoke angel dust often.