Saturday, May 31, 2008

Speak & Spell

Somehow, through some accidental combination of keystrokes, I inadvertently opened Windows Narrator. Narrator can be an obnoxious little beast. It could be argued that Narrator can't not be an obnoxious beast. Today, I'm going to see if it can be something more.

This is highly experimental, and tonight's blog entry is due in about fifteen minutes, so keep your expectations low. What I'll be attempting is avant garde, real-time, musical blogging. Let's see how this goes...

1na2na3na4 ggagggadggagggadmmmemnmnmmmmmnmmggggu pplpplppplpplgfplgplfplgpplguuigugiiiggpluplopluploiihjhijiihjhihjjok

Huh, weird. Okay, really weird. I don't normally make this many typos.

I have a few minutes left. I'll try laying down another sick beat.


What a racist beat. Not cool, narrator.

So, what have we learned through all of this? Number one, we now know that it's really hard to type while someone is reading every letter you type. Two, we've found that Blogger won't let me upload audio files, so it look like I'll have to turn these into videos.

While I'm at it, here's a very rough demo of something you'll hopefully find on this blog one day:

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Jake said...

Today's entry has been brought to by opium. Oh-pi-YUM!