Saturday, May 17, 2008

I spent the day at a typical tie-dye-and-fried-food sort of street fair at the University of Washington, studying the traffic patterns of people for one of my portfolio pieces. I got plenty of good research out of it, saw a cool reggae band, and even had a few vegan donuts (and now I'm ready to go another six years without eating a donut), so it was a pretty decent day. Unfortunately, it was also the sunniest, hottest day in recorded history according to my imaginary records. Appropriately, I am thoroughly sunburned. Now I'm left with the choice of writing a few pages about the writing a few pages about my day or playing... ugh... Star Fox Adventures.

Strangest part of the day: I heard a guy - a real-life guy; not someone on TV or in a movie - whistle at a girl and call her "toots."


Dave said...

I was beginning to suspect you were from Seattle when you mentioned picking up that Seattle Weekly about Fake Busey. Consider me dense. Do you go to UW?

Anonymous said...

the girl cannot sing that gud.
(the reggae girl)
-sister jack

Jake said...

The girl cannot spell that gud.

She was better in real life.