Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Beautiful Day In the Neverhood

My friends, I am a dude who has played lots of computer and video games, but there is one game that has always eluded me.

I remember going to stores when this game came out over a decade ago and just staring at that box. Even now, it's completely unlike any other game I've ever seen. I didn't know a thing about the game, but I was quite certain that I would love it.

I've still never played it, but my sentiment hasn't changed, and every detail I learn convinces me further that it is surely something special. First of all, the graphics are rendered entirely from clay, a technique that's exceedingly rare in the world of video games.

The ClayFighter series also featured Claymation graphics

The game was created by Doug TenNapel, which means we can safely put another tally in the "pro" column. TenNapel is likely best known as the creator of Earthworm Jim, pictured above in his guest role in ClayFighter 63 1/3. TenNapel is a pretty talented animator, and in the few clips I've seen of The Neverhood, his skill shows. He's mostly focusing on his career as a comic/cartoon artist these days and, amazingly enough, is currently working on feature-length movie adaptations of both Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood. Speaking of movies, various unreliable Websites tell me that Steven Spielberg was in some way involved with this game, which would make sense, since it was published by Dreamworks in the company's early days. Speaking of Spielberg and games, I've heard Boom Blox is fun, but I haven't played it. Speaking of games I haven't played, The Neverhood. The Neverhood.

The above is nothing more than a drawn-out introduction for today's post, the topic of which is "Here's some music I like." The music in question comes from The Neverhood. It's wacky.

The Neverhood Theme

Operator Plays A Little Pingpong

Everybody Way Oh!

If you like what you hear here, here, hear more. A full soundtrack for the game has been released and re-released, but even Amazon is sold-out. You could also try playing the game, but I don't think it's going to be any easier to find. I've been looking for years.


Jake said...

SeƱor Spielbergo was involved. I read it in a book.

Anonymous said...

the voice in everybody way oh sounds like you

-sister jack

Jake said...

I like to sing and play that song with my guitar and voice.

C. Semp said...

Yeah, I too remember standing in Office Depot in Florida as a kid and staring at the games, this one among them. Oh, back then. I also remember always staring at 7th Guest as well.