Tuesday, June 24, 2008

While Silly Thoughts Go Through My Head

Dreams I want to record before I forget them: Last night I dreamed that we were living in future times. We lived a future where food could be multiplied. Make a meal for one person, multiply it to serve your whole family. There were still homeless people begging in streets, and people still wouldn't help them. It's not my fault their food isn't motivated enough to multiply.

When I woke up, I reasoned that if we could multiply food, we would never get a rotten apple. Someone would discover a great apple and multiply it until we had specific pieces of celebrity fruit. Maybe we would have a rotten apple, but we would trust that it was good because everyone else liked it and we didn't know any better. I thought, we already do this with people and media. Television is our cloning machine. Make a friend for everyone.

I dreamed I was reading a newspaper with a YouTube video embedded on the cover. When I woke up, I reasoned that this is technology we might develop, but why? There are events which can't be expressed by mere words on a page, but the real answer has nothing to do with news. I pictured myself walking through a store while every pack of toilet paper shouted to me at once, images flashing across the label.

I do not want this future.


Anonymous said...

why is there no way to leave a comment on monday's post?

- the better of your two sisters

Anonymous said...

your dreams frighten me

Jake said...

I don't know what you're talking about, Jaime or Jessie.

Because you're both the best.

Your other, older sister said...

I don't know the answer to that other sister's question.

I dreamed that the whole family (extended) had to go to a Christmas party at my office but my office was cheap and charged for snacks (unlike the office down the hall), and I had to earn points in order to get my company Christmas present -- 2 points got a hair clip or sticker and 9 points got a pair of crappy shoes, and I only had 3 points. So then I had to sing in the company church's Disney Christmas show for everybody and I was a star opera singer but Vivian didn't 'get' it, and I got mad at her and my six ugly kids because they were stealing cookies I'd have to pay for, but then Karen took us to a warehouse that was part of her house where her kids had GIANT plastic fast food and a boat and other cool toys and clothes, and I felt really poor.

The end. Your dream was cooler.

mom said...

my kids need help!

Anonymous said...

I had a dream that dad got an unlimited amount of money to target on a giftcard, he turned into mom and a cat-like squirrel stoll it an bit her. She was gushing blood and kept telling me to hurry.

-sister jack (I am the better sister, I promise)

Jake said...

Perhaps, young lass, perhaps not, but there is no question which sister is the better speller.

Anonymous said...

leev jessie aloan. she spels reel gud.