Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hail to the Leaf

Weird: I was waiting for a bus earlier tonight and saw a "McKinney for President 2008" bumper sticker. Have any of you ever even heard of Cynthia McKinney? Jaime, you don't have to answer that. Am I alone ignorant, or is this candidate's publicity coming primarily from bumper stickers?

I looked McKinney up, likely making this the first time in history that a political bumper sticker has had even the slightest effect on anyone. The biggest surprise? I mostly agree with her, even if she says things like "walking the talk." I'm still not going to vote for her, mostly because she doesn't wear a flag pin, but at least she's probably not a secret Muslim.

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Sister boycotting Capri Sun said...

I didn't know about this woman, but thanks for sharing.
Here's a REAL news item (courtesy of a friend who works at a really small small-town paper in Louisiana, the 'me' at the beginning):

Me: Courier newsroom, this is Nikki.
Jessica: Nicole Buskey?
Me: Yes.
Jessica: Hi! This is Jessica with Capri Sun!
Jessica: I'd like to tell you about a photo op we're staging in your area tomorrow!
Jessica: In light of the recent buglaries in St. Tammany Parish --

and I was very confused at this point, because this was some bitch calling me from Capri Sun, so what could a delicious fruit drink have to do with a string of home burglaries? Maybe I had misheard who she was with.

Jessica: --We're going to be giving cases of Capri Sun to all the victims during a press conference at the St. Tammany Parish Justice Center!

and I was rather flabbergasted at this, because it seems somewhere between silly and wildly inappropriate. Even though the press conference is outside our coverage area I asked her to send the release to me for shits and giggles. Here it is:


Complimentary Capri Sun for the Citizens of St. Tammany Parish

WHAT: Capri Sun, the great tasting juice drink in the fun foil pouch, plays local hero to the citizens of St. Tammany Parish, LA. After weeks of burglaries, Capri Sun leads local police to the arrest of four suspected burglars. In light of the recent arrests, complimentary cases of Capri Sun will be given to the burglary victims on Tuesday, June 17th at the St. Tammany Parish Justice Center lobby at 11:00 a.m.

WHY: On Friday, May 30th, the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested four area Slidell residents for allegedly breaking into several homes in the northern part of the parish and stealing over $60,000 worth of property. After receiving a video recording of one of the burglaries and a report of three stolen Capri Sun juice drinks, the Sheriff’s department was able to track down the location of the suspected criminals. Inside the house, detectives found the missing Capri Sun pouches along with other stolen property. The three Capri Sun pouches were then matched by lot number to the victim’s cardboard case, identifying the stolen property.