Sunday, June 15, 2008

Behind the Scenes

I try not to write about the process of blogging too often. I like to think that there are more interesting things in my life than the activity that's taking place this very second. Imagine a conversation in which someone describes to you the way that move their mouth, lungs, and vocal chords in concert in order to express the thoughts which form in the brain. Dull.

Here's how it works, though. Some days, something so thrilling happens that I race to the computer and start typing. Most days, I sit down and wait for inspiration to strike. This is can take plenty of time. Often, I have other things I'd rather do than blog about how there are things I'd rather do than blog.

I have a rough mental list of things I'd like to eventually write about, but I also have the bad habit of waiting until fairly to late to begin writing, so rather than wasting one of my good ideas when I'm afraid I won't have time to fully explore it, I begin brainstorming new topics, but if I do come up with something good, I usually dump it on the list and wait for something shallower to enter my mind. Occasionally, I don't even get that far, and I have to wake up early tomorrow for work so I throw something stupid on this site press the submit button brush my teeth and go to bed goodnight.

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Jake said...

I think I spent over two hours mentally rejecting ideas because they would take too long to write before I gave up and vomited this tripe.