Monday, March 9, 2009


Sooooooo excited! Can't write full sentences! Can't even read full article!

Axis of Justice tour! Here! During Spring Break! $15!


I get to see Serj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Poooooooooooop. And now I wish I would've read the article before getting excited. Serj is one of the many guests who will be playing one of the three shows. Apparently Seattle doesn't deserve good things.

Moreover, "convenience charges," "processing charges," and "taxes" raise the price by nearly ten dollars. So, all profits go to charity, but half the cost of admission goes to Ticketmaster. Rock 'n' roll. At least I read the article before grabbing my credit card.

Maybe I'll just go downtown that day and see if I can do some volunteer work alongside Tom Morello.

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