Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Homework Masquerading as a Blog

My finished painting:

Certainly not perfect, but considering I've never really painted anything before, I think it turned out decently.

And here's my most recent animation, not because I think it's something worth sharing with the world, but because I haven't posted much animation lately and uploading a single picture seems like kind of a cheap way to get out of blogging for the day.

I don't completely hate it, but I do think it needs about twice as many drawings in order to work properly. The chewing part (which was supposed to be the focus of the assignment) is pretty rough. The dude's face just randomly flaps around. There are also some timing issues, and the hand is stationary for a few frames when it should be jerking back and forth. I added some music, and the video opens with a few seconds of black so I could sync up the audio and visuals somewhat without too much effort.

I'm also breaking all sorts of copyright laws by putting this here. The song is "Moody Shuffle" from the Jet Grind Radio soundtrack, the character is some Duck Tales thing, I think, and the whole animation belongs to DigiPen, which probably doesn't have any rights to have its students animate Disney characters, but whatever.

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Anonymous said...

painter face!
-sister jack