Friday, March 13, 2009

Atari Lynx

I think I'll pass on being clever and creative today (which is not to say that I've written anything original or insightful lately, only that I'm willing to admit it today). Instead you're getting links to stuff from other people.

If you enjoy a fine assortment of Web links, you should point your attention toward Bill Harris' Dubious Quality. People send him links all week long and he posts the best ones each Friday. Like this madness, for example, an article about how the government can totally read your mind, maaan. No, seriously, this is about new technology that makes iy possible to extract images directly from the human mind. Frea-ky.

In cuter news, the albino dolphin is the most adorable thing ever. My new career goal is to be a marine biologist so I can devote my life to hanging out with it.


Making the strained title of this blog post relevant, here's a sort of overview of a new book that explains how the hardware of the Atari 2600 worked and the effect it had on the way games were designed for the system. I don't know how interesting a read the book itself is - it sounds a bit technical for my taste - but the tidbits revealed in this article are pretty remarkable to a geek like myself.

This next one is not an old Atari game, but an upcoming Wii game, but if you only saw a still image, you might think otherwise. It's called Bit.Trip Beat, it's a $6 downloadable WiiWare game, and it should be available to download soon. I don't think I'll be buying it myself, but it's beautiful to watch, and the brilliant concept - it's a cross between rhythm/music games and Pong - makes me very jealous of its creators. It's the first in a series, and I can't wait to see what's next.

And to wrap this all up, you know who has good links? Olde English. They're currently in this period of not making funny videos, which is sad, 'cause I love their funny videos. I think they're trying to work out some sort of deal that allows them to keep making funny videos and continue living inside building and eating food. Whatever. All I know is that their blog is packed with good links these days. Check it. Most of these links are provided by OE members Adam and Raphael, who run their own link filled sites.

So there you go. Lots o' links. All the links you need. Whole sausages of links.

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